Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the Blue Bioeconomy: from ideology to implementation

Tue 9th June 2020

A more sustainable use of marine bioresources requires academia and industry to reflect more systematically about the implications of their research and innovation. They will need to respond more effectively to stakeholder concerns and expectations and involve those actors in all stages of the Blue Bioeconomy.
Yet how should these good intentions be put into practice in terms of project design and evaluation, monitoring and stakeholder engagement – from the project funding as well as from the project management perspective? And how will RRI be implemented in EU-funded research in the coming years? This “crash course” will start from general principles and lead toward examples of how RRI can be implemented in the Blue Bioeconomy.


Introduction to the session. Siri Granum Carson (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU) and Kristin Thorud (Research Council of Norway, RCN)

Part 1: RRI in the European research context

The relevance of RRI today. Ellen-Marie Forsberg (Ostfoldforskning)

Incorporating RRI in research funding. Cecilie Anita Mathiesen
(Research Council of Norway, RCN).

Co-creation and citizen engagement in the Mission for Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and Inland Waters. Darko Manakovski (Board member EC Mission for Oceans)

Q&A with panel (Forsberg, Mathiesen, Manakovic)

Part 2: Lessons for the BlueBio Cofund

Grounding RRI in ocean research institutions. Prof. Alexander Gerber
(Rhine-Waal University | Institute for Science & Innovation Communication) 

Lessons from ERA CoBioTEch. Robert Smith (University of Edinburgh)

RRI in the BlueBio project ImprovAFish. Harald Throne-Holst (OsloMet)

Q&A with panel (Gerber, Smith, Throne-Holst) + closing comments

For more information about this webinar, please don’t hesitate to contact the host, Siri Granum Carson, directly:

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